My mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone, of all ages and abilities. Yoga is my tool and expression to help bring people back to their heart, their body, to home. Nothing makes my heart feel more full and expanded than the relaxed and transformed happy yogis that comes out of my classes!

I aim to blend the yin and yang, my passion of dance and sound, bringing order and chaos to a point of harmony in my flows and taking my students, whether they’re beginners or seasoned yogis to the next level, to a stage where they themselves had never thought to push themselves.

Yoga is not about how flexible you are or how well you can do the insane instagram-worthy asanas. It’s about connecting to your body and your breath, going deeper into each pose every time you are on the mat, no matter where you start or where you are. It’s about giving back to your mental, emotional and physical body – bringing a sense of ease, calm and mobility back to this exquisite vehicle you live in.

Come discover the magic for yourself on the mat with me! 


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